-   Stubos Thanos PhD Chemical Engineer, Researcher A


   -   Andronopoulos Spyros PhD Physicist, Researcher B
   -   Charalambopoulou Georgia PhD Chemical Engineer, Researcher B
   -   Kainourgiakis Michael PhD Chemist, Researcher B
   -   Vassilakos Christos PhD Chemist, Researcher B
   -   Venetsanos Alexandros PhD Mechanical Engineer, Researcher B
   -   Vlachogiannis Diamando PhD Physisist, Researcher B

Research associates

   -   Bairachtari Kyriaki PhD, Chemist
   -   Bartzis John PhD Mechanical Engineer, Professor University of Western Macedonia
   -   Yiotis Andreas PhD Chemical Engineer
-   Yiotis Andreas PhD Chemical Engineer
   -   Theodore SteriotisPhD Chemist, NCSRD, Chemistry Institute
   -   Sotiropoulou Rafaela PhD in Environmental Sciences, University of the Aegean
   -   Bourlinos Athanassios PhD Chemist, University of Athens

Scientific/Technical personnel

   -   Chatzichristos Christos PhD Mining engineer
   -   Gounaris Nikos MSc Agriculturist
   -   Konte Popi MSc. Physicist
   -   Maggos Thomas PhD Chemist
   -   Sfetsos Thanasis PhD Physicist
   -   Tzagaroulaki Ioanna Geologist
   -   Xintavelonis Yannis System administrator

Research assistants

   -   Makridis Sofoklis PhD Physicist
   -   Papadimitriou Nikos PhD Chemical Engineer
   -   Papanikolaou Efi MSc Chemical Engineer (and Phd student)
   -   Stamatakis Emmanuel PhD Chemical Engineer
   -   Tolias Hlias MSc, Mechanical Engineer
   -   Konstantakou Mary PhD Chemist

PhD students

   -   Giannissi Stella Chemical Engineer
   -   Pateraki Stella MSc, Physicist
   -   Koutsourakis Nektarios MSc, Mechanical Engineer
   -   Saraga Dikaia MSc, Physicist
   -   Tsiouri Vasso MSc, Physicist
   -   Koultoukis Vaggelis Mechanical Engineer

Administrative personnel

   -   Panagiotou Argiro Secretary