14 persons were mobilized during the 4-year IAPP action. 7 of them (50 %) were senior experienced researchers (SR) with more than 10 years experience, 4 (28.5 %) were experienced researchers (ER) having experience between 4 and 10 years and 3 (21.5 %) were early stage researchers (ESR) with less than 4 years experience. The consortium tried to keep a gender balance for this mobilized personnel and 4 female researchers (28.5 %) involved into the overall mobility scheme. In addition to those persons, 2 more senior experienced researchers (SR) were recruited from this action. Thus, ATLAS-H2 provided financial support to 16 persons for 258 PM (out of which 36 PM belong to recruited researchers) within the 4 years project duration.

Secondments and recruitments have been realized without particular problems. About 83% of the originally foreseen PMs have been covered in that respect. Detailed mission reports were submitted by all fellows after the return of the seconded staff back to the organization of origin in order to efficient transfer of knowledge. In addition to that, all partners engage themselves to reintegrate their seconded staff members for at least 1 year after the last foreseen secondment period, satisfying the respective rule of the Call, but also benefit themselves from the new skills and knowledge acquired by the seconded researcher.