The overall S&T workplan of the ATLAS-H2 proposal comprises four major research themes (Work Packages, WPs) which are further divided into a number of tasks. WP 1 focuses on the development of solid stores addressing innovative hydrogen storage solutions. In parallel, new characterization techniques and analysis will be systematically investigated and employed thus providing the necessary supportive horizontal actions for the efficient development of breakthrough solutions. WP 2 deals with the pilot scale material development for hydride compressors at experimental level to ensure the design of economically attractive materials and processes which can operate safely and efficiently. In the same way, WP 3 deals with the pilot scale material development for adiabatic metal hydride tanks in order to ensure the storage of hydrogen without any energy losses. Finally, in WP 4 up-scaling of the qualified material production processes will be attempted resulting in the construction and testing of prototype hydride tanks for both applications. It is obvious that the above research themes require a multidisciplinary approach (including nanotechnology, chemical analysis, thermodynamics, metallurgy, computational material science, energy & environmental aspects) involving multisectorial pathways. The overall structure of the ATLAS-H2 project is depicted in the following figure.