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27 June 2014

ATLAS-H2 Final Project Meeting and Internal Workshop at Hystore premises (Nicosia, Cyprus).

8 October 2013

ATLAS-H2 5th project meeting at NCSRD premises (Athens, Greece).

20 April 2013

The IAPP action ATLAS-H2 (ADVANCED METAL HYDRIDE TANKS FOR INTEGRATED HYDROGEN APPLICATIONS) is seeking for a senior expert on on the development of novel micro-/meso- porous materials for energy storage applications to be recruited for 12 months by the Environmental Research Laboratory of the National Center for Scientific Research “Demokritos” (Athens-Greece). The position is available from July 1st, 2013.
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25 May 2012

ATLAS-H2 Mid-term Review project meeting in Athens, Greece. Review against milestones no. MS1, MS2 and MS3.

24 May 2012

ATLAS-H2 Internal Workshop at NCSRD premises (Athens, Greece). Exchange experiences about preliminary pilot scale developments of the metal hydride tanks and address any problems.

20 October 2011

OInvestigation on the stability of some Laves Intermetallic hydrides by using DFT computations - A tool to compute the relative stability of different alloys by using DFT approach has been built during the first completed seconded period (from CNRS to McPHY) by Dr. Wolfers. This software builds the model by using the alloy unit cell, space group, and a description of the structure (including atomic radius and electron-negativity) to produce approximate phase file.
You can download the program from here for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

17 February 2011

ATLAS-H2 project meeting at NCSRD premises in Athens Greece

9 September 2010

The IAPP action ATLAS-H2 is seeking for a senior expert on integrated hydrogen systems development and applications with engineering background and significant experience in relevant large scale projects related to RES & Hydrogen Energy Technologies to be recruited in Cyprus by Hystore Technologies Ltd. The applicant must have experience in managing European and/or National Projects in the field of Hydrogen Energy. He/she should also have experience in conducting techno-economical analyses for integrated hydrogen power systems and provide expertise in market related issues including legislative, regulations and standardization aspects.

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30 August 2010

On Monday Aug. 30, 2010 was organized the kickoff meeting of ATLAS-H2 at CNRS premises in Grenoble. During the meeting we discussed both technical and administrative issues. The plan for secondments, the work to be done in the coming months in each WP and the managerial procedures (reporting, communication between partners, etc) were addressed in sufficient detail.