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Tolias Ilias

PhD, Mechanical Engineer


Research Interests

PhD Thesis: “Combustion modelling using CFD methodology and application in hydrogen safety technology”


Publications in peer-reviewed journals

  1. Tolias I.C., Venetsanos A.G., 2018, An improved CFD model for vented deflagration simulations – Analysis of a medium-scale hydrogen experiment, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,
  2. Skjold, T., Hisken, H., Lakshmipathy, S., Atanga, G., Carcassi, M., Schiavetti, M., Stewart, J.R., Newton, A., Hoyes, J.R., Tolias, I.C., Venetsanos, A.G., Hansen, J.R., Geng, J., Hansen, O.R., Geng, J., Huser, A., Helland, S., Jambut, R., Ren, K., Kotchourko, A., Jordan, T., Daubech, J., Lecocq, G., Hanssen, A.G., Kumar, C., Krumenacker, L., Jallais, S., Miller, D., Bauwens, C.R., 2018, Blind-prediction: Estimating the consequences of vented hydrogen deflagrations for homogeneous mixtures in 20-foot ISO containers. International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,
  3. Tolias, I.C., Giannissi, S.G., Venetsanos, A.G., Keenan, J., Shentsov, V., Makarov, D., Coldrick, S., Kotchourko, A., Ren, K., Jedicke, O., Melideo, D., Baraldi, D., Slater S., Duclos, A., Verbecke, F., Molkov, V., 2018, Best practice guidelines in numerical simulations and CFD benchmarking for hydrogen safety applications, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy,
  4. Stamatakis, E., Yiotis, A., Giannissi, S., Tolias, I. and Stubos, A., 2018, Modeling and simulation supporting the application of fuel cell & hydrogen technologies, Journal of Computational Science, 27, 10-20.
  5. Tolias I.C., Koutsourakis N., Hertwig D., Efthimiou G.C., Venetsanos A.G. and Bartzis J.G., 2018, Large Eddy Simulation study on the structure of turbulent flow in a complex city, Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 177, 101-116.
  6. Tolias I.C., Stewart J.R., Newton A., Keenan J., Makarov D., Hoyes J.R., Molkov V. and Venetsanos A.G., 2018, Numerical simulations of vented hydrogen deflagrations in a medium-scale enclosure, Journal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries, 52, 125-139.
  7. Tolias I.C., Venetsanos A.G., Markatos N. and Kiranoudis C.T., 2017, CFD evaluation against a large scale unconfined hydrogen deflagration, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 12 (11), 7731–7739.
  8. Baraldi D., Melideo D., Kotchourko A., Ren K., Yanez J., Jedicke O., Giannissi S.G., Tolias I.C., et al., 2017, Development of a model evaluation protocol for CFD analysis of hydrogen safety issues the SUSANA project, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 42 (11), 7633–7643.
  9. Efthimiou G.C., Andronopoulos S., Tolias I. and Venetsanos A., 2016, Prediction of the upper tail of concentration distributions of a continuous point source release in urban environments, Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 16 (5), 899-921.
  10. Giannissi S.G., Tolias I.C. and Venetsanos A.G., 2016, Mitigation of buoyant gas releases in single-vented enclosure exposed to wind: Removing the disrupting wind effect, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 41(6), 4060-4071.
  11. Tolias I.C., Venetsanos A.G., Markatos N. and Kiranoudis C.T., 2014, CFD modeling of hydrogen deflagration in a tunnel, International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 39(35), 20538-46.
  12. Koutsourakis N., Tolias I.C., Venetsanos A.G. and Bartzis J.G., 2012, Evaluation of an LES code against a hydrogen dispersion experiment, CFD Letters, 4(4), 225-236.



tel: +30 210 6503407


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