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EC Projects (top)

   -   LIFE CONOPS Development & demonstration of management plans against -the climate change enhanced- invasive mosquitoes in S. Europe
   -   HySIC Enhancing International Cooperation in running FP6 Hydrogen Solid Storage Activities, FP6, SSA, (Jan 2007-Dec 2008)
   -   HYPER Installation Permitting Guidance For Hydrogen and Fuel Cells Stationary Applications, FP6, STREP (Nov 2006-Oct 2008)
   -   NESSHY Novel Efficient Solid Storage for Hydrogen, FP6, IP, (Jan 2006-Dec 2010)
   -   HYAPPROVAL Handbook for Approval of Hydrogen Refueling Stations, FP6, STREP (Oct 2005-Sept 2007)
   -   EURATOM Grant - Kovalets RODOS/METADM - RODOS System Meteorological and Atmospheric Dispersion Module functionality enhancement by introduction of numerically efficient algorithms, (Sept 2005-March 2006)
   -   EURANOS European Approach to nuclear and radiological emergency management and rehabilitation strategies, FP6, IP (April 2004-March 2009)
   -   STORHY Hydrogen Storage Systems for Automotive Application, FP6, IP (March 2004-Aug 2008)
   -   HYSAFE Safety of Hydrogen As An Energy Carrier, FP6, NoE, (March 2004-Sept 2009)
   -   ENVITRACER Development of Environmentally Friendly Tracer Technology for Improved Reservoir Description (Nov 2002-April 2006)
   -   OSCAR Optimised Expert System for Conducting Environmental Assessment of Urban Road Traffic, FP5 (Sept 2002- Aug 2005)
   -   ROSE Remote optical sensing evaluation (August 2001-July 2004)
   -   EIHP-2 European Integrated Hydrogen Project-Phase II, FP5 (Febr 2001-Jan 2004)
   -   RODOS MIGRATION Migration of RODOS to practical applicability for supporting decisions in operational emergency  response to nuclear accidents (Oct 2000-Sept 2003)
   -   DSSNET Improvement, extension and integration of operational decision support systems for nuclear emergency management (Oct 2000-Sept 2004)
   -   REVEAL Remote Measurement of Vehicle emissions al Low Cost (1999-2002)
   -   EIHP European Integrated Hydrogen Project, FP5 (March 1998-Feb 2000)
   -   TMR-Venetsanos Further development of a two dimensional shallow layer model for dense gas dispersion in obstructed irregular terrain including two phase jets (1996-1997)
   -   SMEDIS Scientific Model Evaluation of Dense Gas Dispersion Models (1996-1999)
   -   EMU Evaluation of Modelling Uncertainties (1994-1996)
   -   FLADIS Research on the dispersion of two phase flashing releases (1991-1994)

National Projects (top)

Services at International Level (top)

   -   Hong Kong H2 bus Services under contract for ERM Hong Kong (2004-2006)

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4rth International Conference on Hydrogen Safety, 12-14 September 2011, San Francisco, USA

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