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Dense gas dispersion


EC Projects (top)

   -   TMR-Venetsanos Further development of a two dimensional shallow layer model for dense gas dispersion in obstructed irregular terrain including two phase jets (1996-1997)
   -   SMEDIS Scientific Model Evaluation of Dense Gas Dispersion Models (1996-1999)
   -   EMU Evaluation of Modelling Uncertainties (1994-1996)
   -   FLADIS Research on the dispersion of two phase flashing releases (1991-1994)

Publications in peer reviewed journals (top)

   -   Venetsanos et al (2003) Venetsanos, A.G., Bartzis, J.G., Würtz, J., Papailiou, D. D., DISPLAY-2: A two-dimensional shallow layer model for dense gas dispersion including complex features, (2003) Journal of Hazardous Materials, A99, pp 111-144.
   -   Würtz et al. (1996) Würtz, J., Bartzis, J.G., Venetsanos, A.G., Andronopoulos, S., Statharas, J.C., Nijsing, R., A Dense Vapour Dispersion Code Package for Applications in the Chemical and Process Industry, (1996) Journal of Hazardous Materials 46, pp. 273-284

Contact person (top)

   -   Dr A.G. Venetsanos

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4rth International Conference on Hydrogen Safety, 12-14 September 2011, San Francisco, USA

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